What Dogs can Teach Us: Lesson 1

Tips Learned from Man’s Best Friend

I was talking to someone recently about how much dogs can teach us and what they can show us about counseling.

Lesson one:

How to express anger. I think the American culture has an idea that feeling anger is either stewing or full on rage. What if anger is a boundary issue? Ie: “Don’t step on my tail!” when you Anger management tips learned from dogs for Portland therapy.step on a dog’s tail, typically the dog will bark or growl or yelp, jump up and move, and then come back and want to be pet.

What if anger was that easy to express as humans? Express and come back to connection. Let the other person know, “I don’t like that.” It doesn’t mean you bite the person’s hand off (say things that you don’t mean or intentionally say to hurt the other person). It also doesn’t mean that you sulk for hours or days.

Challenge: Play with noticing what are your boundaries. And how can you express in an easy, friendly way?

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Photo compliments of Gualberto107 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

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