two sides to a coin

I think we would all agree that there are two sides to a coin. We would probably also agree that there are at least two sides to a story. Yet somehow we think our stories that we make up about ouID-1005770rselves are completely and 100% true.  And we totally buy into them, someone can even tell us a different perspective and we don’t believe them.

Take for example an art project that you did in school. You take it home. You don’t like it. A friend, a parent, someone tells you they like it and often we then think, well you have to say that, you are just being nice.

Another example that may be more of a core issue: A story that I don’t do anything well, that I always mess up, that I can’t do anything right. Somewhere along the road I picked up that story. I didn’t come out as a baby with that story. I heard it somewhere and at some point believed it as true. And it is such a limiting belief that it keeps me from greatness because if that is true than how could I do something well, not mess up, do something perfectly?

I encourage you to challenge those beliefs about yourself. Notice a thought about yourself that you think is absolutely true. First, just notice it. Secondly, ask yourself could the opposite be absolutely true as well. Is it a possibility? I am not asking you to believe it, just think of it as a possibility because then you can start to shift if there is more than one possibility.


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