I was watching a documentary on time called “Time Limits.” It discussed our perception of time and how it changes depending on what is going on internally and externally. It talked about how watching a game that is 1-0 time slows for the winning team, the end can’t come soon enough. For the losing team it is going way to fast. Meditation is one way to slow down time, often Buddhist monks will meditate and time moves slower as they focus on the present moment.147H It also showed how some things take so long to unfold (flowers, the seasons) while others are fast (the frogs tongue, a fly).SplitShire-0447

My exploration since watching this movie as well as related to the last post, how do I speed up my time or slow it down. How am I viewing the world? Is it speeding around me or going way to slow. I picture an adult walking with a toddler. The toddler tends to find everything of interest and wanting to stop and explore anything and everything and the adult wanting to move faster. Or thinking of the morning routine before work, getting certain things done before leaving and the idea of not having enough time. Or the lay out of a vacation, early on it seems like there is sooooo much time, then pass the middle and it seems like it is almost over.

How do you speed up or slow down?


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