Taking time

I sit here thinking how wet and cold it is outside here in Portland. I am wondering about the cycle of seasons- growth of spring into summer, autumn as the days getting shorter and the hibernation of winter. Modern amenities have helped with being able to do more, stay up later, keep warm.

I am wondering what you do to rejuvenate your battery. In the midst of the weather, the flurry of activity in November and December, what do you do to take care of yourself? I have talked with a lot of people who get caught up in the rush, doing things, meeting with friends, going to parties, buying present. Or the flip side, hunkering down and waiting until it is all over. This seems to be an either or. Are there ways to be in the moment, take a breath, take care of yourself.

Some suggestions for slowing down- eating each bite of food slowly, taking a long, deep breath, appreciating something in the midst of whatever is going on, have some down time (read a book, take a walk, take a bath, sit in the dark). I welcome other suggestions for what you do to take care of yourself during this season.

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