sharing the potentially embarrassing

The other day I went swimming in a suit that I have had for years. It is sturdy material, not the typical nylon, slick swimsuits that I have had in the past that become see through after a while.

At the end of my swim, I climb out of the pool. There are quite a few people around waiting for the water aerobics to start. The man in the other lane mentions something to the extent of, “You had such a hard swim today that you ripped your suit.” I looked down, confused. Then ID-10079145realized that my rear seam had split open. “Oh my. I will not be going to the hot tub then,” I thought.

How often can we get caught up in meaning or holding onto something that has happened in the past. I could have gotten embarrassed, I am sure I was red in the face. In the past, I would have not been able to make eye contact, would think about it for ages, wonder who had seen, who had laughed. This time, I was able to acknowledge that he had shared and that I was not walking around more with my a ripped bottom of my suit. I was able to let it go. Well mostly let it go, I did get a laugh out it with several friends.

I also think of the man. How often do I not say somethign to someone. Someone who may have food in their teeth, their collar half up, their hair messed in the back. It takes courage to tell someone what you notice. More often than not, I experience people being grateful that I shared. I will say I was certainly grateful the man told me.

Homework if you choose: when you notice something, say something to the other person. Remember you may not get the response you want, they may respond out of fear or embarrassment. You can take a big breath knowing that you shared and they can do what they want with the information.



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