Sex and Your Environment

Sex is often an issue that people don’t really want to talk about and really want to talk about. There can be shame, negative stories, fear of judgement fear of rejection around it, taboo.

I was talking with a colleague yesterday, Jane Guyn. One thing we talked about was the idea of how environment affects our inner mood. And this holds true for sex, sensualness, intimacy, connection, eroticism. Does your room illicit that kind of feeling that you want? And the great thing about this is that it is totally personal. What creates that energy within you will be different than someone else. And if you are with someone, to talk about it. They may have no idea about your wants.

012_300dpi_5000x3732 log_home_master_bedroom_bedIf you want an experiential exercise…Look at the two photos of bedrooms. What thoughts, images, ideas, stories, meanings, body sensations come to mind when you look at one then the other. No need to judge, simply notice.


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