Carl Jung is quoted as saying, “What you resist persists.” I love the image that came up when I typed in Resistance. It is so accurate. She is going into resistance in order to get a workout. And she is both the one initiating the resisting as she pulls up and then also resisting the band when she brings her arm down.

Try something with me, put your palms together in front ID-100304766of you. Now with one hand push against the other. What does your other hand do? Does it resist and push back? Does it flop and let the other hand push it over?  Does it push back to keep it where it is or try to push the other hand away? Were there places where you felt the resistance and other places on your palm where you didn’t (for example fingers pushing or heel of hand, yet not the center of palm or knuckles)? Typically when people do this, their other hand pushes back.

What would happen if you didn’t resist anymore? What is you resisted more? What if you just simply acknowledged that you were in fact resisting. I think that is a powerful place to be, knowing where you are and what you are doing because then you can make a conscious choice. Play with noticing what in your life you are resisting or wanting to change which is resisting the way things are right now.

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