I am not sure if it is related to the end of summer: running hard all season or the panic before the school year starts. A topic that has been coming up a lot for both my therapy/coaching clients as well as myself is how to recharge in the midst of busyness.

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It is also interesting to note the idea of actually taking a vacation and coming back and getting Recharge with life coaching at Awakening Your Spark, Portland OR.right into the bustle of life again. Vacation seeming like a distant memory, sometimes even forgetting what it felt like to relax.

I am also thinking of a change of perspective. I can run from event to event, from errand to errand and feel stressed. I can do the same thing and breath and notice myself in time and space. Do I actually get somewhere faster if I am rushing? I have noticed for myself that I do not. What happens is that if I rush, I am ahead of myself, thinking of the next thing, of how late I am. If I take a breath, come back to the actual journey of getting somewhere, I am in the moment. I am nicer to myself and to others when I breath and come back to the moment instead of jumping ahead.

Homework, if you choose to participate: how can you create mini vacations in your day, a mini relaxation time.

Here are some ideas:

A breath. Or two. A walk. A step away from what you are doing to gain perspective. Chatting with a friend. Dancing. Singing. Self massage. Closing your eyes.

This doesn’t need to take a looooooong time; it can be a minute. Just do something.

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