Don’t be Anxious About Pruning in Therapy

What in your life needs to be pruned? Pruning is the idea of cutting away something old or something that you don’t want in order to create growth in a new area. I don’t like pruning plants – cutting away, not sure if I am doing it right, not sure if I took too much or too little. And what I have noticed is that the plants tend to grow even more so.

Pruning in therapy for the Portland areaI equate this to the birth and death cycle. In order to direct the growth, I need to cut back. I think of containing the energy. If the rose bush is huge and all over, the life energy goes to it all, even the parts that are sickly because it wants to live. If I cut those sickly parts, then the energy can go toward the healthy parts and create more health. In order for something new to emerge, something needs to die. In order to step forward confidently in something, I need to let go of what is holding me back from that.

What do you want to prune? What holds you back from pruning?

Talk to me about pruning in your life for any anxiety, couples, family, or individual therapy sessions in the Portland area.

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