Life Coaching Can Help You Explore How Others Perceive You

This has come up a lot in the last week or two. We live in community, in relationship vs being our own island. We can have a view of ourself and rely on our own sense of self AND people also affect us, they have views of us which may or may not match up to how we view ourselves.

Explore Life Perspectives with your Portland area CounselorHow can we have a sense of self and also be open to other’s views of us? If I think I show up in a certain way and I hear otherwise from someone else, I can then explore that for myself. I can ask if it rings true, wonder where they are coming from, what do they see that demonstrates that idea. And then land on if it rings true for me and adjust myself as necessary. Or it may not ring true and then I can continue showing up as I show up. When you have multiple people giving that feedback, it may be time to explore deeper with life coaching.

I think it is good to remember that we are not stagnant beings. We are full of movement and change. We have the ability to shift perspectives and take someone else’s point of view. We are amazing creatures.

If you want to continue to explore this, check in with someone you trust and ask if they perceive you the same way that you see yourself. Then determine if it matches up with how you see yourself.

If you would like help with deeper exploration of perspectives in your life, contact your Portland area life coach at 503-961-3141.

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