People Pleasing or Just Plain Pleasing

There are a lot of people out there who want to please everyone. Or at least please most others. These people are chemeleons who change throughout the day in ways they think others will like them or what they do better. These people please others and may lose track of who they are because they are pleasing others. Or put aside what is important to them because others “may” not like it.

Is there a way to please others and not lose yourSelf?  You can share pleasure with others and hold onto your values and own sense of self. If you are seeking approval and looking to the outside at the expense of yourself, you are chipping away at your true self. Look inside and ask what do you really want, not just what you “think” the other person “may” want.

When you interact with others, notice if you are putting any of your values and wants on the side while the other person is front and center. On the flip side, notice if others may be putting aside their wants because they think it may please you.

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