New Book! 47% off

My friend, Deb Katz, is part of something super exciting. Her friends and colleagues Diana Chapman and Jim Dethmer at The Conscious Leadership Group have written the defining book of our time on the revolution in leadership happening world wide. We’re talking leadership at every level of life, from looking in the mirror, to personal relationships and business.

I’m so excited to remind you that the book, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership is available for purchase on Amazon starting Thursday, 1/15/2015.

If you plan to purchase the book, please do it on Thursday the 15th as they are trying to hit the top of Amazon’s recommended book list.

ID-100103800The book is 47% off until Jan 22nd so it’s a perfect time to get it for yourself, co-workers, your team, anyone you know is interested in the leadership paradigm game changer of the 21st century.

It is available at Amazon. If you want it in paperback, click here, and if you want it in Kindle, click here.


They have a lion on their website and wanted to share a picture of the power of leadership. Photo compliments of papaija2008 at

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