Micro-Abandonments: How a Narcissist Gains Emotional Control of a Couple

A Narcissist Can Easily Dominate in a Gay Couples Relationship

How a narcissist gains control in a couples relationship.

  • A narcissist may utilize the defense mechanisms of idealization and devaluation in tandem to gain emotional control of a partner.
  • Idealization occurs when a narcissist love-bombs a person or agrees with everything they think and feel at the beginning of the relationship.
  • Devaluation occurs when the narcissist suddenly “drops” the person without an explanation or care.

Interpersonally, a narcissist often prioritizes control over closeness. Although manipulative, maintaining emotional control of a partner is a powerful way to dominate in a relationship. Difficult to detect because of the narcissist’s ability to convince the person that the fault is theirs, this tactic slowly erodes a person’s self-esteem.

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