know it all or not

We are in an age when knowledge is at our fingertips. We can turn on the computer and find an answer to any question we may have. It can be an addiction to know, and to know quickly. If there is not a computer around, chances are someone has a smart phone and find out now. Or checking e-mail, facebook, social network sites to see if someone has written back or just to see what is going on. Have you ever felt the rush of not getting to look it up or check and thinking when is the next chance?

What if we let go of knowing and became comfortable with not knowing. Try it out; say, “I don’t know.” How does it feel

The idea of not knowing everything seems freeing to me. I will never know everything. It leaves a vast space for me to move in. I think that is where curiousity comes into play. If we know everything, there is nothing to be curious about because we already know the answer.

Play with saying, “I don’t know” and see how comfortable or uncomfortable it is. First say it to yourself with no one else around. Try it on with different voices- opera, deep, shrill. Try accenting different words, different punctuation at the end. Are you up for saying it out loud to someone else? Play with it and notice what happens.

I will be at a training so will not be writing next week. Have a great week.

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