How do you want to bring in your new year? There can be a lot of hype around it, celebrations, anticipation of the first kiss of the new year.

I have a friend who touches everything she has. She calls it taking inventory. A great way to clear away what is not useful or wanted, in order to make space for new. This can go for physical items and I also want to bring attention to beliefs that aren’t serving you. What do you want to keep and what do you want to move into.

New Years is a time of resolutions. And often these resolutions can be lost in a week or a month. I suggest that you set intention(s) or make a resolution AND to then determine a small step that you can take every day toward that goal. Here are the top ten resolutions according to Time; I added a small step as an example in parenthesis . And then once you have success you can increase it.

  • Lost Weight and Get Fit (walk for 2 minutes a day)
  • Quit Smoking (smoke one less cigarette)
  • Learn Something New (learn a new word in a different language)
  • Eat Healthier and Diet (have a healthy snack)
  • Get Out of Debt and Save Money (prioritize it, ask yourself each day when you go to the coffee shop if you want the coffee more or the getting out of debt and saving money)
  • Spend More Time with Family (give a family member a really good hug)
  • Travel to New Places (get out a certain amount of money that you typically spend on treats/ coffee and put a small amount into your traveling fund each day, even 25 cents)
  • Be Less Stressed (take a deep breath)
  • Volunteer (give your time by giving someone an appreciation)
  • Drink Less (drink one less drink than you normally do when you go out)

Homework if you choose: what is your intention for the new year and what is one small step to take towards that goal?

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