Gratitude toward mentors

I would like to give thanks to Gay and Katie Hendricks. I am currently in a two year training with them and they are such generous people I would like to thank them, as much of the material come from ideas that they have shared either in person or in books. They are amazing therapists (both individual and couples) as well as life coaches. They have brought their plork (play and work) to a multitude of people. Their seminars are not just for people who are therapists or coaches, but for anyone who wants to live full out in a conscious way. If you want to find out more information about them check out their website at

I am wondering who in your life has been a mentor? Someone who has helped you along the way. Someone who has given gifts, either intellectual, emotional, spiritual, monetary, support, love, advice. Think of all the people who have been in your life who have had some part in where you are today. These people may still be in your life, maybe they are gone. Take a moment to thank them. Are they still around and you could thank them person, on the phone, by card. Maybe they are gone (either you have lost contact or maybe they died), appreciate what they gave you. Did an ex-lover teach you something that you can look back through the hurt and see that without that experience you may not have learned? Maybe a relative taught you something about how to be in the world. Maybe you can send them a telepathic thank you card. What has each experience taught you, what has each person helped you in learning? If you are willing, thank and give appreciations to the people who you have learned from, even if the teaching was painful in the moment.

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  1. Rob Patton

    This sort of brought a tear to my eye. I am thinking of someone who guided me through my “first career.” Even though I ultimately went a very different direction, I often look back on how much Mr. Johnson means to my life.

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