Excitement for your “to do” list

What is something that you are doing today that you are excited about?

I think we tend to have our “to do” lists. We have things we think we “should” do or “have to” do. Are any of these things you want to do? Are they taking you a step closer to your overall life goals?  I hear people in my counseling and coaching practice speak of this. Are these thing just something you are doing until…? Or that you have to wait for something until you can do that. What if you added some excitement to that “to do” list. Do something in a different way. Reframe what you think you have to do. What if you choose to do it instead of thinking it was something you should do or that someone else wants you to do?

What if it was a choice? I choose to take out the compost today or I want to do this because I think it will make my partner happy. Or maybe I want to take it out because then I will finally have it off the list (some of you may love to check things off) and I can stop complaining about it.

What if you did something on the “to do” list from a different position, responding to e-mails while standing up or kneeling? I could take the compost out while dancing over to it or perhaps changing my pace (fast and slow) or level (tall and short).

What if you added some excitement by singing a song while you do it, perhaps one you make up about what you are doing. I used to work with kids with special needs and noticed that if I sang a song especially about what we were doing (tying shoes, wheelbarrowing, putting on a coat), they tended to do it more easily with a smile on their face which made my life easier as well. I am not aware of a compost song, so I would have to make that one up.

Accents can also be fun. Try speaking in a different accent, as a way to change the way you think about what you’re doing. I could speak in a French accent as I go to the compost and  add a bit of spice to the endeavor.

Feel free to respond with your ideas of how you add excitement?

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