Asking for Help

Why is it often times hard to ask for help? Is it that it shows vulnerability, that we are weak if we can’t do it on our own? Is it that we don’t want to infriID-100267605nge on others? Or take someone’s time? Perhaps shyness and going up to someone feels scary?

I think reaching out/ asking for help takes courage. There is the possibility of someone saying no which we sometimes give meaning that it is rejection of us.

I think the first step is knowing what we want. Is it connection? Is it seeking knowledge on how to do something?

I also think it is important to not put yourself at a disadvantage, by comparing that the other person has something you want, by comparing that they are somehow better or that I am lesser because I am reaching out.

Practice Exercise: First notice what you want, you don’t have to do anything, just simply notice. Next, notice any meaning or story that you create around this want (I shouldn’t want it, I should know this, they won’t help even if I ask). Then play with asking, put yourself out there. Maybe in a small way, then challenge yourself more. Remember it only takes a few seconds of courage to do something

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