LGBT counseling from Portland Oregon Therapist.Hi, I’m Caroline Resari, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Gottman Therapist, I work with people who are looking to gain awareness in the lives and take action. I guide people to discovering what there is uncover versus figuring it out; I like to co-collaborate versus people coming in looking for me to fix it or give them the answers.

I bring an enthusiastic, curious, compassionate, non-judgmental, and strength-focused approach to guide people to reignite the love, life, excitement, passion and creativity in their relationships. I encourage you to see the possibilities that may be hidden or forgotten.

My clients include individuals and couples, and I am LGBTQ affirming (LGBT counseling Portland, Oregon).

Why I became a therapist: My dad was the administrator of a mental hospital. I visited often and saw things that most people would not consider normal. I learned to look past the illness and see people. I wanted to work at the hospital when I grew up.

When the hospital was sold, I still wanted to help and support people on their journey. I graduated with a BA in psychology at Mount Holyoke College, went to England for several years to live and work with kids with special needs, then came back for a masters at Smith College School for Social Work. Since graduation, I have worked with families, couples, and individuals. I have also taken my own journey with my partner and have been on the other side of the “couch” to improve our relationship. Without all the work/play we’ve done with the Hendricks Institute, we probably would not be together today!

My training and education: I come from a strength-based perspective and whole body discovery and integration approach. I see strengths in all my clients and help you utilize these strengths to live to your full potential. Through mind-body integration, I help you gain awareness of sensations happening in your body. You’ll learn how to consciously connect those feelings to emotions; to move through your feelings and express your emotions, rather than holding on to them. All the while we celebrate each step you make toward your goals!

The details: I have specific training in Collaborative Problem Solving and Solution Focused Brief Treatment. I worked an intensive two year training with the Hendricks Institute; and have extensive training with the Gottman Method. I am passionate about what I do and love to bring what I learn back to my practice—as well to as my own life.

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I am also a member of the National Association of Social Workers and American Mental Health Alliance.

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