Last week was Thanksgiving. It is a day to appreciate and share in the bounty of food and company.
What about the other 364 days of the year? I challenge you to give thanks every day at least once. To give to yourself, to someone else, to a stranger on the street, to an acquaintance, to a coworker, to a spouse or partner, to a close friend. To find something that you are thankful for, that you are grateful for, that you appreciate in your life, that is a blessing. The wonderful thing about giving thanks is that it can come in many forms- verbal and nonverbal- in song, with a look, sending love, by the phone, in person. Be creative in ways to give thanks to those in your life. Even if you just acknowledge to yourself the ways that they have touched you and changed your life.
I am a very visual person and enjoy the different colors that people wear or put together. I am great at sharing with those close to me and giving them appreciations. I have recently in the last several month started sharing with people that I don’t even know. People that I pass on the street. I have found it quite freeing, instead of just thinking it, I openly share. And often times I am met with the other person expressing gratitude that I shared and even if they give me a dirty look or snarl at me in some way, I feel better having shared.

SONY DSCChallenge yourself to give freely. I have found that it feeds my soul as well as the other person. There is not a shortage that I am aware of, so have fun with it.





Appreciation for use of this photo.

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