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I am not sure if it is related to the end of summer: running hard all season or the panic before the school year starts. A topic that has been coming up a lot for both my therapy/coaching clients as well as myself is how to recharge in the midst of busyness.

It is also interesting to note the idea of actually taking a vacation and coming back and getting right into the bustle of life again. Vacation seeming like a distant memory, sometimes even forgetting what it felt like to relax.

I am also thinking of a change of perspective. I can run from event to event, from errand to errand and feel stressed. I can do the same thing and breath and notice myself in time and space. Do I actually get somewhere faster if I am rushing? I have noticed for myself that I do not. What happens is that if I rush, I am ahead of myself, thinking of the next thing, of how late I am. If I take a breath, come back to the actual journey of getting somewhere, I am in the moment. I am nicer to myself and to others when I breath and come back to the moment instead of jumping ahead.

ID-10077803Homework, if you choose to participate: how can you create mini vacations in your day, a mini relaxation time. Here are some ideas: A breath. Or two. A walk. A step away from what you are doing to gain perspective. Chatting with a friend. Dancing. Singing. Self massage. Closing your eyes.

This doesn’t need to take a looooooong time; it can be a minute. Just do something.





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Are you taking time for you?

I think our general culture here in the US tends to be get stuff done, go go go, be productive. With that mindset, it doesn’t really leave time for sitting and resting and rejuvenating the self. It can be labeled “lazy” or “selfish” to “do nothing.” The idea of sitting, resting, laying down in the shade/sun, reading a book as “doing nothing” is so connected to how the culture views certain activities.

This is something that comes up especially with parents. For a lot of couples, between work and kids, there is not a lot of extra time for the couple let alone yourself. Yet it makes such a difference. Even if it is five minutes. I see it as recharging that internal battery.

How Relaxing is Important in Couples Therapy

Personal time is important in couples therapy.I am married and am used to my spouse and their energy and movement. A friend has been staying with us for several months now and I noticed today, Sun, that when both my friend and spouse left, that I hadn’t been home alone for at least two weeks. Maybe it is having a different energy in the home. Maybe it is just having silence, knowing that I am here alone. And I also realized that it is something that I want to enjoy more regularly. And I don’t necessarily need the whole day, I just want to have my space, my time, with no one around.

Side note: I often tell the couples that come to see me as coaching or therapy clients to go on a date and not talk about the kids, money or their relationship. Go out and talk about topics that aren’t “business” related.  Here is a link to first date questions.

If you want to continue the exploration: Take a moment to think about what activities you consider to be productive vs unproductive. Where did these ideas of what is and isn’t productive come from?  How do you take care of yourself? Make a list of self care activities. And determine what you want to do and by when for your next you time.

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What Dogs Can Teach us: Lesson 2


Lesson 2: Jump into the mess

ID-100207428Dogs jump right in. Typically speaking, dogs don’t shy away from mud. They love to play. They aren’t worried that they will get messy and that you won’t love them anymore. They play and get messy solely for having fun.

What if you/I/we weren’t so worried about getting dirty. About literally getting muddy or even messy in terms of showing emotion or sharing what is going through your mind.

Challenge: Play with getting messy. 1) Literally go out and play in the mud/dirt/puddles. 2) Get messy with sharing emotions and what stories you are making up. You may want to start with someone that you trust, let them know you are going to get messy.

Side note: Notice that dogs don’t create meaning or story around something that happened. Something happens, then they are there again fully. Unless the dog has been trained otherwise.

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What Dogs can Teach Us: Lesson 1

Anger Management Tips Learned from Man’s Best Friend

I was talking to someone recently about how much dogs can teach us and what they can show us about anger management.

Lesson one:

How to express anger. I think the American culture has an idea that feeling anger is either stewing or full on rage. What if anger is a boundary issue? Ie: “Don’t step on my tail!” when you Anger management tips learned from dogs for Portland therapy.step on a dog’s tail, typically the dog will bark or growl or yelp, jump up and move, and then come back and want to be pet.

What if anger was that easy to express as humans? Express and come back to connection. Let the other person know, “I don’t like that.” It doesn’t mean you bite the person’s hand off (say things that you don’t mean or intentionally say to hurt the other person). It also doesn’t mean that you sulk for hours or days.

Challenge: Play with noticing what are your boundaries. And how can you express in an easy, friendly way?

Contact me today to make an appointment for anger management counseling in the Portland area.

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Where is Your Attention?

Do you notice your energy drop? Maybe you have a hard time gathering your energy? Perhaps when you are with a certain person, you lose interest?

ID-100213531A fun trick is to notice where your energy is. Do you notice it outside of you or directed internally? Often we can feel drained when we leave our attention out or in for an extended period of time.

Do an exercise with me right now. Look at something that is further away- the wall, a tree, a person. Now bring your attention half way between that and where you are. Now bring your attention to your body. you can place it on your body as a whole or a part of your body. It can be a physical sensation- your feet on the ground, your bottom in the chair or a body sensation- butterflies in the stomach, pressure on your chest.

Challenge: notice when your energy drops, now notice where is your attention directed. If it is in, place it outside of yourself. And vice versa.


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Ideas of Quality Time

Something that I think comes up somewhat often with the couples I see in couples therapy and coaching as well as my own life is having different perspectives of what quality time looks like.

Are you in a couple? Do you want argue over things to do together? Or even time that you ID-100259809spend together? Does one of you want more time than the other?

Quality time looks different to different people and if you don’t actually know what the other thinks is “quality time” than you may be arguing over the time you have together. If this comes up with your spouse, partner, girl/boyfriend, have a conversation about it. You may find out that one thinks quality time is going to a movie, sitting on opposite or the same side of the couch reading, looking longingly into each others eyes, having the other person’s full undivided attention, doing a project together, eating dinner with or without the tv on, sitting and talking. What kind of attention do you each want for your quality time and if you have what seem like contrasting ideas, how can it become a both/and vs an either/or?

Challenge: have the conversation and see if you are on the same page.


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Holidays with Couples

Often times couples have different needs around alone time and socializing time. When people have wants that aren’t expressed, arguments can ensue. Especially if one person wants the ID-100222930other to be a mind reader.

What your expectations are is an important conversation to have, especially with socializing holidays coming up. Check in with each other before you are at the bbq or party. What are your expectations of how long you will be there, how social you each will be, if you want to spend time together or be off on your own talking with people, if someone needs space what will they do (leave, take a walk, go read a book somewhere).


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Life Coaching Can Help You Explore How Others Perceive You

This has come up a lot in the last week or two. We live in community, in relationship vs being our own island. We can have a view of ourself and rely on our own sense of self AND people also affect us, they have views of us which may or may not match up to how we view ourselves.

Explore Life Perspectives with your Portland area CounselorHow can we have a sense of self and also be open to other’s views of us? If I think I show up in a certain way and I hear otherwise from someone else, I can then explore that for myself. I can ask if it rings true, wonder where they are coming from, what do they see that demonstrates that idea. And then land on if it rings true for me and adjust myself as necessary. Or it may not ring true and then I can continue showing up as I show up. When you have multiple people giving that feedback, it may be time to explore deeper with life coaching.

I think it is good to remember that we are not stagnant beings. We are full of movement and change. We have the ability to shift perspectives and take someone else’s point of view. We are amazing creatures.

If you want to continue to explore this, check in with someone you trust and ask if they perceive you the same way that you see yourself. Then determine if it matches up with how you see yourself.

If you would like help with deeper exploration of perspectives in your life, contact your Portland area life coach at 503-961-3141.

Healing isn’t linear

I have not written in a while, I have been in a bit of a whirlwind and doing the most necessary things.

I had a minor surgery a couple of weeks ago. And I find it so interesting how I have a certain idea of how things “should” go in terms of healing. I hear one thing from a doctor and expect it tteddy-562960_1280o be that: have energy in a few days, back to regular activities. Well, it didn’t happen that way. This has been a lesson in being present with what is and also not judging my experience to be wrong, it is what it is. I have been resting and healing slowly, really listening to my body. For example, my head wanted to do many things today and I had planned to move forward with my planned day. I started and noticed I was exhausted and I hadn’t even started. I checked in and noticed how much energy I was putting toward going back and forth deciding if I would do something and when I checked in, I was up for resting. So I cancelled it and rested.

My new mantra is: Healing is not linear. And this is true to so many things in life. Any process isn’t linear. I think most of us want there to be a set path that we take and follow the steps toward the goal and then we get there. I keep learning, from myself, my clients, friends and family, that is not so.

My homework for myself and if you wish to participate is to remind myself/yourself that life isn’t linear; healing, goals, growth aren’t linear. And it isn’t right or wrong, it just is. How can we accept, listen to our bodies of what wants to happen and allow. Enjoy your journey.


Don’t be Anxious About Pruning in Therapy

What in your life needs to be pruned? Pruning is the idea of cutting away something old or something that you don’t want in order to create growth in a new area. I don’t like pruning plants – cutting away, not sure if I am doing it right, not sure if I took too much or too little. And what I have noticed is that the plants tend to grow even more so.

Pruning in therapy for the Portland areaI equate this to the birth and death cycle. In order to direct the growth, I need to cut back. I think of containing the energy. If the rose bush is huge and all over, the life energy goes to it all, even the parts that are sickly because it wants to live. If I cut those sickly parts, then the energy can go toward the healthy parts and create more health. In order for something new to emerge, something needs to die. In order to step forward confidently in something, I need to let go of what is holding me back from that.

What do you want to prune? What holds you back from pruning?

Talk to me about pruning in your life for any anxiety, couples, family, or individual therapy sessions in the Portland area.

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